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minister david cameron at the white house. this is video that just came in. it was shot just before they began their meeting. they are expected to speak live in the east room, that is happening about 15 minute from now t. topics are quite varied, they include the civil war in syria to the economy. we hear they will take questions from reporters as well. there is so much to ask of these very important world leaders and our special coverage is going to get under way live in just 10 minutes. as we wait for the start of that event, we got other top stories we are following closely at this hour. because republicans on capitol hill are really stepping up their attacks against the obama administration all over that irs extra scrutiny of conservative groups. a report by the inspector general indicates that agents with the irs began targeting conservative groups who were applying for tax exempt status, going back as early as march of 2010. cnn obtained a copy of the report which is due to be released this week. house republicans are urging president barack obama to condemn the irs for target
the bangladesh garment factory collapsed. on to other news. british prime minister david cameron is in a russian black sea resort discussing syria with the president vladimir putin. their meeting as the u.k. steps up efforts to end an embargo on supplying weapons to syria, principally for the syrian opposition. david chase is joining us now from sochi. that is at president vladimir putin's summer resort. syria will be a main topic of conversation. what common ground to they already have and what will they be aiming for? withvid cameron's meeting president putin began 35 minutes .go in sochi this is a vital follow-up to the meeting that the secretary of state from the u.s. had earlier this week, john carey, where they agree to set up an international conference and cooperate on trying to get the parties around the same-table same- john kerry. that will be very difficult. one of the main things david cameron has been pushing is that he says the evidence that the damascus government has been using chemical weapons is narrowing down. we have just heard from the leader of turkey that they have eviden
about david cameron's ambition for the coalition in the months to come. the traditions and features a state openings are reassuringly familiar. there is one notable change this year. we will have not one, but two royal processions making their way to the entrance of the palace. the prince of wales is attending with the duchess of cornwall. first time together. we expect them to arrive just before 11:00. taking position at the house of lords, we will have the band of the welsh guards to provide the guard of honor and the royal salute. inside the palace, the chamber of the house of lords, they are already claiming their seats. as ever on state opening-day, they are wearing parliamentary robes. it is a glorious sea of gold. we have a few minutes before the speech. the words are written by government and approved by the capital. later this morning, the prime minister will be leaving downing street for the houses of parliament. the is when members of house of commons will be summoned to the chamber of the lord to listen to the queen's speech. a short while ago, this was the scene. nick c
and prime minister david cameron. the president and prime minister sat down for talks the last hour that likely included anything from the civil war in syria to the upcoming g-8 summit in ireland. it's syria that's expected to dominate the discussion, after the twin bombs that killed more it and 46 people this weekend at the turkish border. the situation amping up as republicans hammer the obama administration hard on two fronts, one of this many here at home. front one, accusations of a coverup after the deaths of four american diplomats in benghazi and the fact that the administration edited those talking points 12 times. >> i'd call it a coverup. i would call it a coverup in the extent that there was willful removal of information which was obvious. >> some on capitol hill are calling for a select committee now to investigate who did what and when. >> i am willing, as i have said continually, to go to that committee. i had regrets about going there first when it looked like this was an entire political circus, but i have now made it clear that i am prepared, as all the other witn
prime minister david cameron. >>> finally, this could be an important weekend in presidential 2016 politics. kentucky senator rand paul made his iowa debut over the weekend in cedar rapids. is he the iowa frontrunner already? at the annual spring fund-raising event. he got the biggest applause line of the night by taking on hillary clinton over her handling of benghazi. >> first question for hillary clinton. where in the hell were the marines? they're asking for security. they're bleeding for security and they got nothing. it was inexcusable. it was a dereliction of duty and preclude her from holding our office. >> he has not made up his mind to run for office but the event had the unmistakable feel of a campaign appearance. >> the process of selecting the next leader of the free world begins in iowa and it's already begun. >> rand paul is determined not to be his father, who rarely courted and usually alienated evangelical voters. he met friday with a group of pastors and religious conservatives while in iowa and rand paul reasserted his support for marriage during a press confere
would you vote in and mr. president, earlier this year you told david cameron you wanted a strong uk in a strong eu. how concerned are you that members of david cameron's cabinet are now openly contemplating withdrawal? and on syria, if i may have a question to both of you, what gives you any confidence that the russians are going to help you on this? >> well first of all on the issue of a referendum, look, there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow and there's a very good reason why there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow. it would give the british public, an entirely false choice between the stall status quo, which i don't think is acceptable. i want to see the european union change and i want to see britain's relationship with the european union change. and i don't think that's a choice the british public want or deserve. everything i do in this area is guided by a very simple principle. which is what is in the national interests of britain? is it in the national interests of britain to have a trans-atlantic trade deal that will make our countries more prosperous, that wi
steps. the conflict in syria has topped the agenda in talks between british prime minister david cameron and vladimir putin at the russian president's seaside residence. >> david cameron welcomed the u.s. and russia to convene an international conflict and try to solve the conflict. at the same time, he appealed to putin to reconsider russians longstanding support for the regime of president bashar al assad. now to bangladesh and the astonishing story of the young woman pulled alive from the clothing factory that collapsed 17 days ago. >> the woman survived her ordeal thanks to a small stash of water buried with her under tons of rubble. she has been telling her story. >> her story is miraculous. she was found near a prayer room in the factory basement. she tried to get the attention of rescuers by using chunks of rubble on a steel pipe. she said she had been crying out for days. >> a to is very difficult to make myself heard. i kept banging with a for i could, but no one could hear me. >> she led -- she said she lived on water and dried food. rescuers said when they found her, she was h
in syria. it is prime minister david cameron says the west has found common ground with russia, the key ally of the syrian leader, bashar al-assad. >> this follows talks with u.s. president barack obama at the white house and came just days after hammering met with russian president vladimir putin to discuss solutions -- after cameron met with russian president vladimir putin to discuss solutions. >> 80,000 dead, 5 million people forced from their homes -- syria's history is being written in the blood of her people, and it is happening on our watch. the world urgently needs to come together to bring the killing to an end. none of us have any interest in seeing more lives lost, in seeing chemical weapons used, or extremist violence spreading even further. so, we welcome president putin's efforts -- agreements to join in efforts to reach a political solution. we have an urgent window of opportunity before the worst fears are realized. there is no more urgent international task than this. >> that was david cameron speaking a short while ago. that go live to our washington correspondent for
." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. barack obama meets david cameron at the white house. the two promise to step up pressure on syria. the question is how? it's back to the future in pakistan as nawaz sharif celebrates the prospect of becoming prime minister for a third time. ♪ >> and he sings, he tweets. is there anything this astronaut can not do? cris gets ready to return to earth. we look back on his amazing journey. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. winston n commufrpbl churchill used the term special bond. speaking at a press conference, president obama and prime minister cameron fielded tricky questions on the issue of domestic politics, but on the issue of syria they showed a united front. >> warm-up meeting gat -- the g gathering the british prime minister will host in june. >> they hope to kick offer negotiations towards an e.u.- u.s.a. trade pact. syria's history says david cameron is being written in the blood of its people. a transitional government is required that can win the consent of everyone. >> but ther
out with the meeting of david cameron. what is the thesis of that book? >> guest: essentially that he is in the wide historical forces that he represents. what i did is i took a number of key words what he had used, progress, meritocracy, and the idea was that essentially the language that he was using was codifying the political project that was mainly continuous with new labor in terms of its support for privatization and in terms of its support for breaking up over the welfare state and in terms of downsizing the state itself being a very important part of his project but i also tried to root and analysis of the changes in the conservative ideology to edmund burke and so on and one of the interesting things mr. cameron came out with its his particular conception of progress. progress used to mean something like the idea that we move in a direction of greater quality and greater freedom. that was the idea of the conception of the political process but there's also another meeting that is accrued to it which means the accumulation of stuff. progress means to constantly keep producing
cameron that you wanted a strong uk and a strong eu. how concerned are you that members of david cameron's cabinet are now openly contemplating withdrawal? and on syria if i may question to both of you, what gives you any confidence that the russians are going to help you on this? >> well, first of all on the issue of the referendum, look, there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow and there's a very good reason why there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow is because it would give the british public, i think, an entirely false choice between the status quo, which i don't think is acceptable. i want to see the european union change. i want to see britain's relationship with the european change and improve. so it would be a false choice between the status quo and leaving. and i don't think that is the choice the british public want or the british public deserve. everything i do in this area is guided by a very simple principle, which is what is in the national interests of britain. is it in the national interests of britain to have a transatlantic trade deal that will make our coun
club ordered -- lauded >> david cameron is in the u.s. this week. that is next >> are our series continues with to focus on lucy hayes, wife of rutherford b. hayes. live coverage begins in an hour at 9 eastern. president obama was asked about last year's been gauzy attacks on the u.s. consulate and about the targeting of conservative political groups. from the east room of the white house, this news conference with british prime minister is 30 minutes. >> good morning, everybody. can we please have a seat? i hope you had a wonderful mother's day. it's always a great pleasure to welcome my friend and partner, prime minister david cameron. michelle and i have wonderful memories of from when he visited us last year. there was a lot of attention about how i took david to march madness and a year later, we have to confess david still does not understand basketball and i still don't understand cricket. greatsaid before, the alliance between the united states and the united kingdom is rooted in shared interest and shared values. it is indispensable to global security and prosperity. but
qualitymakers are in london for the global investment conference. david cameron is giving a headline speech at 11:10 cet. they will bring you that. and also on "worldwide exchange" tomorrow, our very own editor steve liesman is speaking exclusively with the u.s. treasury secretary jack lew. we will take that right on "worldwide exchange" at 11:30 cet. plus, if that's not enough, it's the bank of england's rate decision today. most expect the bank to hold back on further qe. andrew told us today the british economy is doing well. okay. >> the economy is altering the personality. the fact is that actually we've had some better employment data on the uk. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ♪ [ agent smith ] ge software connects patients to nurses to the right machines while dramatically reducing waiting time. [ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i nee
to hold a joint news conference with british prime minister david cameron. you're looking live the a the east room of the white house where both leaders are eastbou expected to speak in 15 minutes. we will watch for any comment from the president on two of the top stories today, the irs scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups and now others as you'll soon learn from mike emanuel and the latest developments in the benghazi investigation. two big stories, we have them covered throughout the show today. we'll bring you the president's remarks live when they happen. first right now brand-new stories and breaking. jon: they have taken out many terror suspects in far away places but now a fresh push to have congress first sign off on some drone missions. will this in anyway slow down the fight against terror suspects? also authorities arrest one of the first responders to that giant fertilizer plant explosion in texas. they have not connected him to that deadly blast, but the charges have certainly left him with some explaining to do. one of these women brutally killed
is in london to discuss the future of somalia. he is hosting the event with david cameron. is also stepping up efforts to protect women. time we arehe asking the international -- we would do the work by ourselves but we need to support of the community. there are challenges, but we have the main one, which is building the security forces. seven months, we are moving [indiscernible] we believe this is the right time that somalia overcomes those challenges. by the end of the year, we are expecting the situation will be totally different than it is today. >> other issues we will be tackling is the issue of rape. we hear horrific stories about the -- violence against women. what are you doing to not just talk about this issue but actually to address this issue and eliminate it? >> as you said, these incidents of rape are very painful for us to hear. oury, we are presenting government to address the violence and sexual violence and the rape issues. we are coming to an agreement with the united nations to support somalia to overcome these things. this is emanating from the lack of support of a judic
a referendum tomorrow, how would you vote? and mr. president, earlier this year you told david cameron you wanted a strong uk in a strong eu. how concerned are you that members of david cameron's cabinet are now openly contemplating withdrawal. and on syria to both of you, what gives you any confidence that the russians are going to help you on this? >> well, first of all, on the issue of the referendum. look, there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow. and there's a good reason why there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow. it would give the british public i think an entirely false choice between the status quo, which i don't think is acceptable. i want to see the european union change. i want to see britain's relationship with the eu change. and i don't think that is the choice the british public want or british public deserve. everything i do in this area is guided by a very simple principle, which is what is in the national interests of britain. is it in the national interests of britain to have a transatlantic trade deal that will get people to work, help our businesses? yes, i
with british prime minister david cameron, questions about the benghazi terror raid arrests. >>> will heads roll at the irs. >>> tiger woods wows them at the players championship, plus, prince harry with the wounded warriors at the u.s. air force academy. >>> michael j. fox's returns to prime time and sir richard branson apparently lost a bet. not a pretty woman. good morning, everyone, i'm betty nguyen. >>> the obama administration is on the defense. t benghazi is again in the news with words like cover-up and watergate being used. tracie potts joins us with so much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. especially here on the hill we are likely to hear more hearings and likely to see more but the focus not so much on the attack itself but what we were told about that attack. leaked e-mails now reveal the talking points on the deadly benghazi attack went through 12 revisions, first the cia blamed protesters. the state department spokeswoman questioned whether mentioning prior warnings could make her agency look bad. finally, the white house watered down the language but s
prime minister david cameron to the white house. this is cameron's first visit to the u.s. since obama won his second term in office. nbc news will have full coverage this morning. >>> the house where cleveland prosecutors believe three women were imprisoned for a decade was boarded up as workers began putting a ten-foot fence around it. officials are trying to protect it for evidence. they say they have credible threats of arson. >>> police in new orleans are looking for up to three people they say shot into a crowd during a mother's day parade. the fbi describes it as a flare-up of street violence. among the 19 injured, two children grazed by bullets. >>> more than a few people revved their engines in mexico this weekend as thousands of loyal harley-davidson fans took part in a celebratory ride. they commemorated the iconic motorcycle's 110th anniversary. bikers came from all across the globe to ride alongside local monuments. the anniversary will end with a late summer festival in the brand's birthplace of milwaukee. love the harley. the closest i got was i had a dog named harley. >
house with more on president obama's joint press conference with british prime minister david cameron. the president today fielded questions concerning benghazi and the growing controversy over the irs targeting of conservative groups. also high on the agenda for the two world leaders, the worsening humanitarian crisis in syria. specifically articling the rebels amid allegations being used by the assad regime and how to get russia more involved in ending the war. >> there will be no political progress unless the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so he knows there is no military victory. >> russia has an interest as well as an obligation to try to resolve this issue. >> nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. obviously, we thought that syria would dominate that press conference. nevertheless, the president and cameron addressing this ongoing issue of what to do about syria. >> while syria may not have dominated the press conference, it was most significant topic these two men were speaking about in private given their shared desire to have the
addressed it head-on during a press conference with british prime minister david cameron. >> if you have the irs operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions. and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. so we'll wait and see what exactly all the details and the facts are. but i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it. >> if the president expressed his impatience with any bias within the irs, he was equally intolerant toward the renewed flare-up of allegations about a so-called benghazi cover-up and suggestions that the white house was more involved with editing those notorious talking points than previously thought. >> the e-mails that you allude to were provided by us to congressional committees. they reviewed them several months ago, concluded that, in fact, there was nothing afoul in terms of the process that we had used. and suddenly three days ago this gets spun up as if there's something new to the story. there's no there-there. >> noticing that three days after susan rice's
called the london conference to support his plan to put somalia back together again. prime minister david cameron praised the accomplishments. >> al shabab has been driven out of town after town. piracy is down 80%. there is a new federal government in place. >> the somali president outlined his vision of a country at peace, posing no threat to its neighbors, where thriving businesses provide sustainable employment found on the values of respect, kindness, and human rights. >> our ultimate goal is to see a united somalia and a stable somalia, stable in terms of politics, stable in terms of the economy, and stable in terms of security. >> despite the challenges it faces, somalia is making progress. national elections are scheduled for 2016. >> every year worldwide, are around 1 million babies die on their first day of life. the tragic statistic was published tuesday in a report by the ngo save the children. it also released its annual mother's index, ranking the best and worst countries in the world to be a mother. >> the group considered the health of women and children in their countries
of the somali people and the international community. >> david cameron argues that without help, so malia will remain a danger is breeding ground for is -- somalia will remain a dangerous breathing down for militancy -- breeding ground for militancy. >> if we ignore it, we will be making the same mistakes in somalia that we made in afghanistan and the 1990's. the al qaeda linked al-shabab remains a threat, but has been kicked out of somalia. off the coast, piracy is also becoming less of a menace, with armed guards now on many ships. there have been no successful attacks reported this year. london promised more help today. cafÉ this mogadishu afternoon, we found plenty of optimism. >> knowing the university of the british people and the leadership of the british people, we're very much positive that this is a new era for the somali people. >> there is a lot the could still go wrong in somalia. but a credible government, backed by sustained, massive international support, just might keep this nation on the right track. >> on a much lighter note, we end tonight's program on a new museum th
minister david cameron says information is growing that in syria of the assad government has used and continues to use chemical weapons. the u.s. says they will give $100 million in humanitarian aid, but for some officials that is not enough. democratic senator fernandez it rebels,ing to arm the and he has introduced a bill to do just that. thank you for joining me. what is it you want the u.s. to do? states tothe united be able to arm the syrian those who wend believe share our values and who poised to be able to be armed, because unless we are willing to spend five -- to stand by, to see the potential of a failed state where it could become a safe haven for terrorists. toalready have hezbollah name a few. the king was here in washington. we have a discussion with him as the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee talking about the rate at which refugees were coming into the country, the ability to sustain that. the possibility the population would double, so all of these are at stake. unless you could change that, to give the rebels of fighting chance to change the dy
. >> british prime minister david cameron claims to have made real progress resolving the syrian crisis in talks with the russian president vladimir putin. they agreed to work toward a transitional government in syria. it is being described as the biggest bank heist in history. an international gang of five is accused of stealing $45 million from atm's across 27 countries in a matter of hours. our correspondent explains how it happened. , just one city hit by a global wave of bank raids in one of the most bigoted cyber crimes yet uncovered. these men are among those arrested for their part in what prosecutors are calling a virtual criminal flashbulb. in a matter of hours, they withdrew huge sums from cash machines, using closed debbie cards. the new york team were captured on camera as they toured the city, filling backpacks with cash. a 21st-century bank heist that reached through the internet to span the globe. thisad of guns and masks, cyber crime organization used laptops and malware. >> it was an audacious bank robbery that started in the first world. they hacked into companies tha
of them say they're planning for a democratic syria without president assad. president obama and david cameron say they'll do what they can to strengthen opposition groups. obama hosted cameron at the white house. they discussed a proposed peace conference on syria. obama said it's essential to bring representatives of assad's government and opposition forces to the negotiation table. >> together we're going to continue our efforts to pressure on the assad regime, to strengthen the moderate opposition and to prepare for a democratic syria without assad. >> russian leaders have long provided support for their allies in syria. cameron traveled last week to visit with president putin. john kerry held separate talks in moscow with russian foreign minister. they agreed to set up talks between the government and the opposition by the end of the month. but u.s. state department officials say the conference is unlikely to take place until at least next month. twice already looks set to do so again. sharif served as prime minister in the 1990s, he's expected to return to power after his party w
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? >> you told david cameron that you wanted a strong u.k. and a strong e you. how concerned are you that members are contemplating withdrawal? syria, what gives you any confidence that the russians are going to help you on this? >> on the issue of the referendum, there's not going to be a referendum tomorrow. public give the british and entirely false choice between the status quo which i do not think is acceptable. britain'ssee relationship in prove. this is thenk choice the british public wants or deserve. everything i do is guided by a very simple principle. what is in the national interest of britain's tax is it appeared that will make our country's more prosperous that will help our businesses? we will push for this transatlantic trade deal. is it in our interest to reform the union to make it more open or competitive and to improve the place within the european union tax it is achievable. year passed to change. the currency is driving change for that single currency. i believe britain is quite entitled t for and get changes. is it in britain's national interest want to have ac
for andrea mitchell. president obama in a joint news conference with david cameron makes it known that the benghazi probe is nothing but filled with political motivations. >> who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down, for three days? so the whole thing defies logic and the fact that this keeps on getting churned out, frankly has a lot to do with political motivations we've had folks who have challenged hillary clinton's integrity, susan rice's integrity. mike mullen and tom pickering's integrity. it's a given that mine gets challenged by these same folks. >> joining me now for the daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and managing editor of post and senior editor and kelly o'donnell. it was a defiant president obama today, let's see he used political circus, sideshow, and no "there" there. if there was any doubt about how the president feels about the benghazi probe coming from capitol hill, i think we now know. >> no question. chuck, contrast that to how he approached the irs story, the question was a two-parter, actually a three-parter.
as he answerd a question at a joint news conference with british prime minister david cameron. >> if you've got the i.r.s. operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable and it's got to be fixed. >> woodruff: the news broke last friday that i.r.s. agents had applied extra scrutiny to groups with tea party or patriot in their names when they applied for tax-exempt status. the head of that i.r.s. division apologized on friday. lois learner said it took place during the 2012 campaign. she blamed low-level officials in the agency's cincinatti office which handled the applications. but additional reports over the weekend said learner herself was informed of the targeting as early as 2011. other reports claim that the i.r.s. also zeroed in on groups that focused on government spending or educating americans about the u.s. constitution. that information was basedded on a draft report from a treasury department inspector general. the president said today he will wait for that investi
morning news. >>> president barack obama is welcoming david cameron to the white house and the two will hold talks ranging from civil war and counterterrorism. they will also hold a press conference for the group of 8 in northern ireland. >>> they are ending the search in the wreckage in bangladesh after a factory collapsed. it is believed there are no more victims and they have illegally added three more floors and the building had equipment that the building was not designed to hold. >>> police in passive can want your -- pacifica want your help after he beat an injured a man, his weapon, a skateboard. a man is accused of beating another man with a skateboard several times last month off hickey boulevard. investigators say the victim and the suspect had just been involved in a car crash and had been exchanging phone numbers. police also released a sketch of a woman who was a passenger in the susquehanna's car. >>> a passenger, services for nadia will be held. he has been with the city council since 1999 and she died last week. she will not only be missed by her husband and two so
or not david cameron and the chancellor ideas are going to work, because the economy is still looking anemic. >> well, here is the thing. for me, the debate between austerity and growth is a right-wrong thing, not a right-left thing. in other words, you have to have a deficit reduction plan. but if necessary, you to calibrate that so that it's not happening so sharply that your growth levels fall, your debt level becomes worse and you get a downward spiral. i think it's possible for the government to adjust. i think it is adjusting, but it's important to balance the monetary effect that the bank of england policies are taking with a fiscal -- a fiscal plan that allows our economy to carry on growing. >> we are of course in a global connected economy. and the emerging markets certainly throughout asia seem to be seeing real growth rates. can we see the interconnectiveness on the positive side of things rather than the inconnectedness on the negative side of things? do you think that is going to be helpful for the u.s. and the eurozone? >> yes, i think it could be. i'm optimistic about the new
house is hosting british prime minister david cameron for a series of meetings, and it will be followed up, savannah, by a press conference in the rose garden, where it's almost certain the president will be asked about the talking points regarding benghazi and misconduct within the irs. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. >>> we're following developing stories, the mother's day parade in new orleans where there was a shooting, and i know police are looking for the suspects. >> just an awful suspect there, matt. >> at least 19 people were wounded in the gunfire at the parade in new orleans. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: today in new orleans a manhunt is under way after a mother's day celebration ended in chaos. >> we were all just standing out and shots started ringing out and everybody started running. >> reporter: the gunfire erupted at a parade where there was a police presence. no one was killed but at least 19 people were wounded, many grazed by bullets, a 10-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl are among the injured. police are now searching for three pe
presidential answer while he is standing beside british pm david camer cameron. we'll get into it much more coming one a presidential historian but first let's start with peter alexander at the white house. it was not supposed to be the sub but the irs dominated. >> reporter: if syria dominated the conversation behind closed doors, it didn't dominate in front of the cameras today. obviously benghazi and irs clearly the focus of this. we're learning new information even within the last several minutes right now. jay carney, the press secretary, gaggled as we would like to refer to it. the president was aboard air force one trying clarify details about the timetable about when the white house specifically learned about the misconduct at the irs. carney that it was april 22nd when the white house council's office first learn about the irs situation. that the president didn't specifically learn about it, nor did jay carney, until this past friday. here's what the president specifically said as we wait for the inspector general's report to come out of treasury department about the irs situation.
. >>> president obama welcomes british prime minister david cameron for talks this morning. the leaders are expected to talk about the global economy. cnn covers their joint conference that begins around 11:15 a.m. eastern. >>> just four weeks ago, that deadly terror attack rocked the city of baund u boston and as one of the suspects recovers in the hospital and his brother is buried in an unmarked grave if virginia, life for many bostonians is finally edgeing back to normal. >> i am so blessed to be here. one month. if you seen my legs one month ago. >> reporter: jared was near the finish line, like boston, he is recovering. >> physically, my right leg hurts all the time. i'm blessed to have my legs and my arm and my life. three of my friends lost their legs. they have a long road. >> three weeks ago, dzhokhar tsarnaev launched the strike. investigators are piecing together the motive. tamerlan, whose body remained in limbo for days and days was finally laid to rest last week in virginia. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in a prison medical facility charged with using weps weapons of mass des
. at the white house this morning, president obama meeting with david cameron. the talks are likely to center around u.s./u.k. relations along with syria and north korea. coming up in about half an hour they'll answer reporters' questions during a news conference in the east room of the white house. we will have that for you live here on c-span. also at noon, and look at the prison at guantanamo bay. we will examine the prison as well as mistakes made with interrogation techniques posted by the heritage foundation expected to get underway at 12 noon eastern. the u.s. house is that today at 2:00 for a brief session. business will continue tomorrow. members are going to call for the full repeal of the 2010 health care law. the senate is back today at 2:00 p.m. for morning business only. it tomorrow they will continue working on the water infrastructure bill authorizing dozens of waterway projects around the country. let coverageweek, is on c-span and c-span2. we are standing by for a joint news conference from president obama and david cameron. it is coming up at 11:15 a.m. until that time, a d
. >>> 7:18. president obama is welcoming british prime minister david cameron to the white house to discuss the civil war in syria, ocesprand counterterrorismth will alsothe of 8 summit. that's coming up next month in northern ireland. >>> we're learning several of the campuses for san francisco city college have surpluses even as they face closure. the mission district has the largest surplus with a net gain of $3.5 million after the 2011/2012 fiscal year. the downtown campus has a surplus of $1.4 million. san francisco city college has closed two campuses and an institutional site as it fights to save accreditation. >>> after years of tuition hikes, some college students are also experiencing sticker shock at graduation. 15 of cal state's 23 campuses charge a graduation fee. at san francisco's state, students pay a $100 fee to graduate. that's an increase of $60 over two fee to graduate. uc berkeley does not charge a fee but commencement tickets are $10 a person. >>> there is a new study out showing that teenagers who text and drive are more likely to do other things while they
friend and partner like great britain by our side and strong leadership by prime minister david cameron. thank you very much, everybody. cheryl: that was a very short k & a press conference in the east room of the white house. david cameron and president obama, the topic at hand today for the two leaders was taxes, trade, the european union, should the u.k. break apart from the european union but obviously the question from the u.s. press core became all about benghazi and of course, the i.r.s., dennis, and the president coming out and saying frankly, if anything was done wrong, republican or democrat, this needs to be investigated at the i.r.s. dennis: president sounding defensive on the benghazi. let's go to peter barnes outside the white house with more on the i.r.s. angle. rick: this is the first time the president has spoke been the i.r.s. -- emerging i.r.s. scandal on its audits of conservative and other groups. the president saying that he first learned about all of this himself the way that most americans did which was in the newspapers on friday but he was in serious damage con
stockpiles. british prime minister david cameron travels to moscow friday and will be in the u.s. to meet with president obama next week. >> bret: jennifer, thank you. no grapevine tonight. next we go live to philadelphia as a jury wades through heavy testimony to decide an abortion doctor's fate. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning. they all may incr
with david cameron tomorrow, the prime minister turkey on thursday. fry the president travels to baltimore for what white house is calling the jobs and opportunity to work. it is mother's day, may 12. we're point asked a question that congress dealt with last
examination. o.j. simpson expected to go back to court to plead for a new trial. british prime minister david cameron will be in boston to learn more about the marathon bombings and lessons that can be learned from the u.s. response to the terror attack. >> time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we asked you this. we told you about a poll finding 90% of americans still believe in the american dream. we wanted to know if you agree. >> here's what some of you had to say. tom in iowa e-mailed us and said despite attempts by politicians to kill the american dream it is still alive. it is harder to achieve now but it is still alive. >> albert tweets the american dream is still alive. it is for someone to rise up in this cruel world and make a better live for themselves. >> david writes i believe it is still alive but it is changing from having to work for it into an entitlement provided by our government. >> before we go, prom season is around the corner. between all of the dresses and tuxedos and limos, there's always plenty of photos. >> your prom dress mig
to be here. >> president obama held a news conference today with british prime minister david cameron. he talked about the investigation into last year's benghazi consulate attack. wewith respect to benghazi, have now seen this argument that has been made by some folks, primarily up on capitol hill, four months now, and i have got to say, we hear is what we know -- americans died. we also know is clearly they were not in a position where would they were adequately protected. the day after it happened i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. what i pledge to the american people was that we would find out what happened, we would make sure that it cannot happen again, and we would make sure we've been held accountable those who have perpetrated this terrible crime. we have is exactly what been trying to do. over the last several months there was a review board headed by two distinguished americans, mike mullen and tom pickering, who investigated every element of this, and what they discovered was some pretty harsh judgments in terms of how we had worked to protect consulates and emb
as president putin met with british prime minister david cameron and about two leaders agreed to work toward a transitional government in syria. president putin met with secretary of state kerry on tuesday. after that meeting, secretary kerry announced the u.s. and russia would work to bring the assad regime and the rebels to the bargaining tables in the next month. joining me for this, michael crowley. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> russia is one of syria's closest allies. is russia playing both sides? >> well, yes, up to a point. i don't know how much they're telling us that is what we want to hear. i think they're willing to try to oversee a process where there are talks about whether there could be a political settlement. i don't think that russia is saying that assad has to go or that any of the outcomes that we specifically want are the ones they want. they're willing to mediate and be there to get people talking. but i think it is clear that the core point here is that russia is still basically in the assad jeep camp. they are still considering selling these missiles which
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